If baits are used, they are placed just inside the crawlspace and/or attic access door. The rats go all over and will find the baits. If one dies inside we will remove it at no charge. If it dies in a wall, we will not open your wall. We can treat with a deodorizer to help mask the smell. The body dries out in 3 weeks, but there could be a putrid smell for about a week. This does not happen very often; most customers choose baits.

If traps are used, they have to be checked twice a week and it is an extra charge per trip for us to do this unless you want to check them. 

General Information

  • If noises are heard during day, it is probably squirrels.
  • If noises are heard at night, it is rats.
  • By law, we must pick up the baits in 30 days or monitor them every 30 days.

How To Prepare

No preparation.


You may hear noises up to two weeks with baits, which is normal. If you hear noises after two weeks, you need to call us to come back out for which there is no charge. After the guarantee expires, you could still have a problem and there would be another charge if you do not screen to keep them out.

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