All interior floors are treated inside and the whole yard is treated outside.

General Information

  • You need to plan on being out of the house for 4 hours.
  • All pets and birds should be removed from the premises for 4 hours and off the yard for 2 hours. Fish tanks should be covered with a towel and circulator turned off or unplugged.
  • If you are planning on shampooing carpets, do it before we spray.
  • If anyone has respiratory problems or is pregnant, we suggest checking with your doctor first.

How to Prepare

  • Have all loose articles (such as toys, slippers, blankets, etc.) up off the floor, and nothing should be under beds. Furniture is ok to leave in place; the technician can reach under it with the wand.
  • You should vacuum before the technician comes. Either put a flea collar in the vacuum bag or make sure you throw the vacuum bag in the garbage outside because the pupa will hatch out in the vacuum bag. Nothing will kill the pupa; it has to hatch out into the adult flea and come in contact with the residue. This takes 14 days.
  • If possible, vacuum every day for 14 days after the spraying. Again, make sure you have a flea collar in the bag or you throw the bag in the garbage outside each day. The beating of the vacuum on the carpet causes the pupa to hatch out quicker.
  • If possible, do not wash vinyl or hardwood floors for 14 days.
  • Wash animals bedding.
  • Have animals de-fleaed, keeping in mind that the animal can get the fleas back during this 14-day period. If cats are being dipped, make sure you tell your groomer or vet you are having the inside of house done so they will know which product to use.
  • More care needs to be taken with cats because they lick themselves all the time. Feel floors to make sure they are dry before bringing cats back inside (normally 4 hours is enough time).


You may see fleas for 14 days after the spraying has been done. This is normal. If you see fleas after 14 days, call us and we will come back at no charge. Be aware that the animal can get fleas back on it during these 14 days.

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